12 July 2013

Ryan's Mission Call (A Year Ago Today)

I am SOOO terrible about updating this blog, and just realized that I hadn't posted Ryan's mission call video, which, incidentally, was a from year ago today. Of course, since he was working two almost full-time jobs to be able to save enough money to serve, he was at work when the call came. He made us leave it in the mailbox, but that didn't mean we couldn't peak at it!

He's been gone about 8 months. Man do I miss him! But we love missionary work!!! :)It helps that he is always so HAPPY in his emails home, even though I'm sure learning Russian has been one of the hardest things he's had to do in his life.

If you want to read his mission letters and occasionally see photos, click here to go to his missionsite.


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