27 August 2012

Our Dog is NOT Naked. He Has a Collar.

After a recent trip to the library, Gabby came to me with a newly checked out book and explained that she just COULD NOT read it.

That it was "inappropriate".

And "disturbing."

What, you may ask, was the problem with the book?

"Mom, the animals are... (whispered) naked."

I tried my best to suppress my laughter (which infuriated her). But her face! She was so serious! And she was so appalled! By the nakedness! Of animals! HOW. DARE. THEY!?!

I pointed over to our dog.

Our naked dog.

But before I could even get any words out, she rationalized that our dog is NOT naked, BECAUSE HE HAS A COLLAR.

Well...how can you argue with that?! (More laughter.)

Finally, I got her to explain that it was because they were drawn to mimic people, living in houses, and wearing high heels, and hats, and jewelry. (I don't know how that wouldn't count as much as our dog's collar?!)

---Is it sick that after looking at the illustrations, now I'm craving bacon?