13 February 2012

You Decide

Gabby is a very visual child. She often draws pictures to ask me questions.

Don't get me wrong, she is a talker, too. (She isn't named GABBY for nothin'!)

A few days ago she brought me this doodle to explain her need for a nightstand. (FOR MY EYEGLASSES MOMMMM!) ((Yeah right, that's why there's a tiara on your doodled night stand, Gabby.))

But as soon as I saw it, I was confused...was she asking for a nightstand or asking us to tie a ballerina into the bed and set her on fire?

Doesn't it look like that to you???


Oh, well she didn't think so either and was quite upset that the entire family agreed with me.

MOMMMMMM, it's an afghan so of course there are little lines instead of a blanket! And that's NOT fire, that's her really pretty headboard!!!!!!!!!!!!! Humph!

(Arms folded, nose in the air, aaaaand stomp stomp stomp away.)

Well! She won't be getting a nightstand OR a tiara anytime soon.  ;)