29 December 2011


With all the buzz going around about "Elf on the Shelf" this year over on Pinterest and Facebook, I realized that if we'd done that when my boys (especially Ryan) were younger, they would have freeeaked out! ---A doll that comes to life at night and gets into mischief while you sleep! Cute in a Toy Story movie...creepy in your own home! Not to mention it spies on you! I think my boys would have flushed it down the toilet. Or at least tortured it with a magnifying glass or push pins.

But now that he's older, Ryan looooves playing practical jokes and scaring people. For example: when we least expect it, he moves our cardboard cutout of Corey all around the house. Rob screams like a girl every time. (In his defense, it's 6 foot tall, and could be mistaken as a stranger in your house...or at least your son who's out on a 2 year mission and shouldn't be home!)

Ryan knows his dad hates sock monkeys so of course he had to buy one. Well, gee, no wonder Rob is freaked out by them! Apparently they show up when you least expect, and with WEAPONS waiting to scare the crud out of Dad when he goes for a toothpick!

19 December 2011


"What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?" I heard this a few months ago, meant to ponder it more and then, as we humans do, completely forgot my resolve to do so. But after a lesson about gratitude in Sunday School yesterday, I can't stop thinking about this. So I decided to make up a printable and post it on the blog, mostly so I can be reminded of it. I tell my kids pretty often that if you aren't happy, then you aren't grateful, and then I forget to follow my own advice. This is the wake up call I needed. (FYI - It's cropped to print 8x10.)