14 September 2011

Tacky Party

So, this was a really fun dance idea we found somewhere online. We changed it a little bit though. It called for using wire and instead we strung crochet thread ($3.47 for 1000 yards!) across the gym with the eyelets that were already in the walls. Wire is a bit pricier and if it were to break, we had visions of wire whipping across a bunch of kids and decided we'd rather have string break than wire. (It did not break, however.)

Then, we very tackily (is that a word?) taped up the words "Tacky Party" with masking tape on one wall using toilet paper and threw some TP up on the strings so the kids would know this was part of the decorations and then mounded up 72 rolls of TP in a pyramid on the stage. (Incidentally, I must add that I thought we should call it an "End of Summer Blowout", get it, TP...blowout...but everyone else thought that was tooooo tacky, haha.)

We instructed the DJ to pick a fun song after a lot of the kids were there (about a half hour into the dance) and to tell them they could TP the gym. Oh my goodness, you should have seen it. First of all, I was worried someone was going to get trampled running to the stage but once they got ahold of the TP, it was SO MUCH FUN to watch them toilet paper the gym. They went through 72 rolls in less than a song though.

Not much toilet paper ended up staying up on the strings, they pulled it down and threw it on each other for the rest of the night. The only two things I'd really change is to make sure you have enough chaperones, and don't serve bottled water. We didn't have enough chaperones show up and the kids were a little crazy because there were too few adults in the room. I heard the next day that some people were complaining about people shoving TP down their clothing. We definitely didn't have enough adults if that was happening! :( Also, a few kids were taking the water from the bottled water and wetting the TP. Yuck. At the end of the dance we stood by the doors with trash cans and asked the kids to scoop up a handful on the way out --- and they did! Surprisingly the clean up was quick and we were out of there about 20 minutes after the dance ended. (Oh, to fit with the "tacky" theme, we didn't have tablecloths, we served water and Capri Sun's in buckets of ice on the bare table and just had bags of chips and ice cream cones (Drumsticks) which we also ran out of...hey, it was pretty tacky. ;) Fun, fun. This is one dance theme we'll do again. A WORD OF CAUTION: The dance floor got pretty slippery with all that toilet paper on the ground. Luckily we had no injuries but it could happen.


angela michelle said...

What a clever idea. I'll remember this one.

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