03 April 2011

Some Of My Favorite Parts Of General Conference

These are a few of my favorite parts of the talks from this past weekend's General Conference. They aren't direct quotes, they're just taken from my scribbled notes:

Full-time missionaries - 52, 225 (COREY!!!)
Do I hallow the sabbath, all day?
What can I learn from a child about what matters most in this life?
"Behold your little ones." See, know, love and appreciate them.
"Lovest thou me?" "Follow me."
We made covenants in heaven. (My patriarchal blessing says I did.)
The purpose of pain. To teach humility and to turn me more fully towards God. He sustains and strengthens me through my pain. (I have really learned that this past year or so!)
The most important organization on earth is the family. Nothing is more significant in Heavenly Father's plan than the rearing and raising of children.
"Wake up and do something more."
Turn feelings of sympathy into opportunities to act.
We can't pick and choose commandments, a "cafeteria approach to obedience."
There is great power and protection in establishing celestial traditions in the home, where the spirit can dwell, to combat the false traditions of the world.
Don't be too hard on yourself or too casual about repentance.
Desire dictates priorities, which dictate choices, which dictate actions which leads to who we become.
Small flecks of gold accumulate into a large treasure.
Preach the gospel at all times, and if necessary, use words.
The only way to see the view, is to make the climb.
At the end of our lives would we rather hear, "Well, you're done," or "Well done."
Be conquerors of tribulation.
Be fully invested in caring for others.
There are two basic patterns to receive revelation, immediately and intensely, like a light switch or subtlety and gradually, like the dawn.
Express gratitude for your spouse.
If we deny chastening, we cannot be sanctified.
I am indebted to the Lord for all my blessings.
We often have "to do" lists but rarely have "to be" lists. We cannot check off our "to be" lists because we will never be done being good spouses, parents, people, etc.
No one is exempt from suffering, but we will be sustained through our suffering.
As we repent, the Savior removes guilt from our souls.
The gospel is built to "comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable".

I thought it was a wonderful conference and I'm glad I listened for things that would teach me, edify me, and touch my heart. Hope you enjoyed it too!

02 April 2011


"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures." ~Henry Ward Beecher

-Artwork by Riley Harris