03 March 2011

Video Of Tyler Opening His Mission Call

Tyler has been called to serve in the SLOVENIA CROATIA MISSION, Croatian speaking, and will report to the Provo MTC on 6 July 2011. None of our friend's and family's guesses were anywhere NEAR Slovenia Croatia. We're very excited for him and proud of him!!! (Of course cardboard Corey attended the opening. And I suppose it's a new tradition, Tyler is wearing the shirt Corey wore when he got his mission call.)

(It's pretty funny to hear our family wonder in the background where in the world that mission is located...and no it isn't in Russia, LOL. Time for a geography lesson, hahaha. I'm proud to say Rob and I knew exactly where it was since Rob lived in Rijeka, Croatia for a few months back in 1998 when he was in the Army.)


Gary and Michelle said...

Congratulations! I love showing these kinds of videos to my boys. What a great example your boys are.

angela michelle said...

Congratulations! My grandpa was born in that area (in Hreljin) and I have a cousin who went there on her mission. We still have family there. eLet me know if you'd like her contact info.

Here's a recipe for pogacha (bread) from my Croatian great-grandma.

angela michelle said...

whoops, here's the recipe