21 November 2010

Infirmary/Asylum Log: Day 6

The patients have grown restless.

They are turning on each other.

Yesterday we endured an utter state of lawlessness as they screeched, shrieked, and tortured each other relentlessly. My hold on sanity is clearly strained. The shut-ins were beginning to project their frustration onto their caregiver. I suppose I don't blame them for their dissatisfaction, however, the expression "don't bite the hand that feeds you" does come to mind.

The older female patient seems to have recovered as of this morning. One can only hope and pray her normally pleasant nature will return quickly as well.

The youngest patient refuses to take her meds. I will admit I have to go to drastic measures. Sometimes I falsely threaten to transport her to a medical facility for painful and unpleasant surgery in order to force her to comply. She chugs the thick, syrupy elixir like it's a fiery tequila shot, and chases it with tears and a tantrum. Alas, the medication eventually takes effect and while she is passed out resting, we all enjoy a few short moments of felicity. But when she awakes the fevered delirium returns. I try to keep her well fed but she insists on illegally transferring her comestibles to the hairy, four-legged resident of the infirmary.

At 4 AM she had a screaming fit to rival the talent of any horror movie star. I bolted straightway out of bed and expected to discover an axe murderer, but upon entering her room I realized it was just a maneuver to vex me yet again. In response, I required her to ingest more pharmaceuticals. The remainder of the night passed without incident.

The general outdoor conditions are too blustery for an excursion, as she is beginning to show signs of an ear infection. I do think her beastly demeanor would be most improved if she could just get some sunlight.

The older male residents show no signs of infection and have thus been able to abscond escape sneak away to places like the theater and work. I try to hide my jealousy but it is beyond the bounds of possibility as my hysteria is surfacing. I fear we will never be freed from this madhouse! I'm all out of clever distraction techniques. Rations are low. Fatigue is high. Someone, please...save us!!!

[Okay, I'm just kidding!!! I'm poking fun and we're doing fine trying to help Gabby recover from this blasted, lingering flu, poor thing, but I do hope she is able to go to school tomorrow. She missed four days last week and was even sick on her birthday! The fever is gone this morning. We've stayed home from church just to make sure we don't spread germs but she seems to be FINALLY on the mend. Yay!]