16 August 2010

We Let Our Kids Jump Off Mountains

We went up to Redrock on Saturday so Gabby could rappel for the first time.

Our family rule is that you have to be at least seven years old to rappel. We could tell she was a little bit nervous but she has seen us do it so many times and she trusts her daddy so she went right over the side with no hesitation.

Plus her big brothers were there helping her.

Riley is becoming a pro.

Of course the small jump (about 40 feet) gets boring after awhile so the big kids go up to the 130-ish foot jump. The climb up is the scariest part (trust me). Rob likes to go Aussie style, face first running down the mountain.

Ryan gave Aussie style a try on the big jump and liked it too.

Tyler prefers traditional rappelling.

Riley decided she wanted to try the big jump this time. She did SO well!

Some perspective on how high that cliff is...

It was a great morning!!!


angela michelle said...

what an awesome family activity! also, those french braids are beautiful!