15 July 2010

Like Being Pregnant

I used to LOVE being pregnant! (Pictured here is me almost 9 months pregnant with Ryan, July 1993. Did I mention he ended up being three weeks late and was nearly 10 pounds!?) When I was pregnant with my boys, besides being tired the first few months, I really never felt better. Being pregnant with my girls was harder. Riley's pregnancy was the first time I experienced morning sickness. Gabby's pregnancy...well that was a whole other experience.

I realized early this morning, that being on prednisone is kinda like being pregnant. Only I'm not pregnant! You can't sleep because you're uncomfortable, getting up all night to go to the bathroom, packing on the pounds where people can't tell if you're pregnant or just overweight, you have heartburn, a swollen face, you're overheated, and EATING FOR TRIPLETS, (and Rob said I can't forget the mood swings, lol)...ya, not as easy to go through when you're not getting an adorable baby out of the deal!!!

Add to those side effects the symptoms of the disease itself and wow it's no wonder I always feel cruddy. Anyway, I was on a sarcoidosis site last night and stumbled onto some sarc funnies that I had to share.

"SupercalifragilisticexpiSARCOIDOSIS If you’ve ever heard of it, you know its quite atrocious!"

"Sarcoidosis: Imagine having the flu…every day of your life."

"I have SARCOIDOSIS. Ask me what’s messed up today!
(100 little check boxes with symptoms)"

"I’m SARCASTIC! Another Fantastic Gal with Sarcoidosis."

And this one had me laughing so hard.

"I was diagnosed with SARCOIDOSIS and all I got was this lousy bottle of Prednisone."
Well, at least I can enjoy a joke or two about it. :) And I kinda miss the days when I just couldn't sleep because the baby had been kicking all night.

"A sense of humor is a major defense against minor troubles." ~Mignon McLaughlin


Emily said...

My favorite is the "SupercalifragilisticexpiSARCOIDOSIS" one! :) I love how you are able to compare the different phases of your life and find a way to give it purpose. Being able to have that gift brings joy to the journey. I admire you for that :)