06 April 2010


I was across town this morning and stopped into a Walmart that had been recently renovated and was thinking how much nicer it looks, wide aisles, easy to find things, CLEAN. Until I went down this aisle. Are you kidding me? Talk about the most genius, sinister marketing ploy ever. Candy and cereal on the same aisle!!! I feel sorry for moms with little kids. Mine have (finally) learned I'm too mean to give in but when they were little I loathed the candy aisle. The onslaught is bad enough at the check-stand. (...Ya, not that I'm saying that half of those cereals are any kinda healthy, ya know.)


Sara Cecil Photography said...

genius! I would fall prey to that EVERY time!

GHFamily said...

You are so right. Every time I walked down that candy aisle, I am going to be lured into buying cereal!

Terresa said...

I realized that our Walmart was reorganized, too. Such an insidious plot, you think?

PS: Our Easter bunny brought the kids their own sugary box of cereal this year. A very special treat.