30 December 2009

Vegas Style

When the stomach flu rips through the whole family and ruins plans for a family trip to get out of Vegas, the next best thing to do is celebrate getting over it, Vegas style. And by Vegas style I mean taking the kids to the CASINOS!

Yes, the casinos...for bowling, and ice skating and movies. First the bowling alley where Gabby and Riley had their first REAL (non-Wii) bowling game. They did pretty well and actually had a lot of fun. Tyler bowled the first strike of the day and Gabby learned she likes Wii bowling better, since she usually beats everyone. Her rolls were so funny, we'd all stand there, waiting, and waiting for the ball to hit the pins. One time we heard crickets chirping.

Next we went to a different casino to go ice skating. At first they were a little nervous and hugged the sides.

After falling, Gabby was not liking it too much, but daddy made it better.

Until Corey almost wiped out with her attached and then she was unhappy again. Eventually she just took care of herself and had a really fun day. It was the first thing she asked to go do the next morning. Riley looks like she's about to de-pants Corey here.

My brother Shawn and my nephews Jared and Jeffrey skated circles around everyone else.

After a few hours, Ryan had fallen one too many times and had some nasty blisters so he joined me in my position as the official coat rack and photographer. (My ankles we hurting too badly to join them skating.) Tyler waved "hi" in every photo. It didn't take too long for Corey to let go of the sides either.

I'm really hoping they clean the glass often. Guess I shouldn't have been encouraging these photos then! These pictures reminded me of this picture in the bottom right corner, Gabby in Aug 08 when she flipped out in the wind tunnel at a childrens museum. The kids were even up for a movie after ice skating (at yet another casino). I thought for sure they'd sleep through it, but they didn't. Anyway, despite our trip to Salt Lake getting canceled, we made some fun memories and had a really great day.

25 December 2009

Merry Christmas!!!!!

17 December 2009

Corey's Going To Serve In The...

...Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission.

He reports on Wednesday, March 24, 2010 and it's an English speaking mission.

I can't believe Corey guessed exactly where he'd be going a month ago! We crammed 72 people in our house tonight. It was wonderful for him to be surrounded by so many people who love him. Thanks everyone for all the LOOOOOVVVVEEEEEE!!!!! :)

The girls also had a cute little mini dance recital tonight before Corey's big event. They did very well, all the little girls looked so cute up there on stage. Rob's mom brought Riley and Gabby flowers. They loved it!

16 December 2009

Wii Love It!

"Wii" got a VERY nice surprise in the mail about a week ago from Grandma and Grandpa Harris.

The kids were allowed to open it early so "wii" could all enjoy it over the break. Riley could not contain her excitement once it was opened!

(Doesn't Riley's hair look like a Pantene commercial?)

"Wii" all think it was a very generous and wonderful Christmas gift!

"Wii" THANK YOU!!!!!
("Wii" should have posted this a "wii"k ago but "wii" were having too much fun playing with the present "wii" received.)

14 December 2009

First Tooth

Another milestone reached...Gabby lost her first tooth. I know you're thinking, "but she's seven, shouldn't she have already lost some by now?" Well, my kids cut teeth late and lose teeth late. None of them had teeth before a year old. In fact Ryan only had four teeth at 18 months old and still has one baby tooth left now at 16. Gabby was terrified at first that it would hurt, but thrilled once she realized the tooth fairy would be paying her a visit. Plus her big brother Corey drove her to 7-Eleven and bought her a big gulp. That made all the tears disappear instantly!

12 December 2009

Corey's Mission Call

We want your guesses! His call has been sent and should arrive in a few days. Here is our list of Mission Call guesses by family and friends. PLEASE comment at the bottom of the post and I'll add you to the list. (To see a list of LDS Missions, click here.)

Immediate Family
Dad (Rob) - Spain
Mom (Michelle) - Austria or Ireland
Corey - Philadelphia or Atlanta
Tyler - Cairo, Egypt
Ryan - Australia
Riley - Africa/Australia/California/Germany
Gabby - (Pointed to South Africa on a map of the world.)

Extended Family
Great Grandma Foster - Mexico
Grandma Sherrie - New England States
Grandpa Johnson - Korea
Shawn Johnson - Zimbabwe
Jared Johnson - Hungary/China/Kansas
Jeffrey Johnson - Panama
Joshua Johnson - Chile
Stacey Johnson - Russia
Wesley Johnson - Norway
Holly Johnson - Portugal
Hannah LeGrand - Africa
Ali Johnson - Africa
Craig Hammer - Croatia
Marcia Hammer - Peru
Ashley Harrington - Hawaii
Taylor Harrington - Germany
Alan Ludlow - India
Renee Wagner - Brazil
Angela Verry - US East Coast
Erica Meyer - Greece
Rick Homer - Ditto Riley's guesses
Grandma Kitty - Atlanta or Mexico
Erin Evans - Brazil/Venezuela/Peru
John Evans - Mexico
Lisa Evans - Ecuador
Kahlin Lindholm- Canada/New Zealand
Destiny Evans- Denmark
John Evans IV - Chicago
Linda Harris - South America

Brian Garcia - Mexico City, Mexico
Rebecca Garcia - Omaha or North Dakota
Melissa Garcia - Africa
Tom Wilson - Mongolia
Jolynn Wilson - Germany
Braeden Wilson-Venice, Italy/Austria
Katelynn Wilson - France
Collin Wilson - Henderson (LOL)
Caroline Wilson - France
Marissa Mousseau - Spain
Brionne Mousseau- Canada
Sharyn Mousseau - Spokane, Washington
Mike Mousseau - Russia
Jimmy Skinner - Europe
Shannon Skinner - Mexico ;)
Jessica Skinner - Taiwan/Korea
Jeana Skinner - New Zealand/Australia
Jordyn Skinner - Hawaii
Tristin Crouch - Somewhere stateside
Jill Mennig - South Africa
Kim Mills - South Africa
Morgan Mills - Florida
Padilla Mills - Tennessee
Esther Mills - Texas
Britt Allen - Chile
Leah Allen - Peru
Morgan Allen - Paraguay/Tokyo South
Trey Pictum - Stockholm Sweden
Elder Pyle - Honduras
Robert Locklear - Greece
Elder Ferreira -Germany
Pres. Christensen - Colorado
Bishop Urry - Illinois,Chicago
Salle Young - Texas
Heather Deborski - England, London
Erin Parker - Midwest
Jerry Browner - Stateside, NE
Tonia Browner - Dominican Republic
Gary Shafer - Mongolia
Michele Shafer - Washington State
Tammy Nigro - Illinois
Wendy Brown - Spain/Brazil/Chile
Michael Blackwell - Portugal
Anna Rial - Japan
Danica Simbulan - Brazil
Gerald Pineda - Italy or Kansas
Karen Stevens - Australia
Chelsea Upshaw - Stateside
Lise-Lotte Newell - Brazil
Heather Bigler - Knoxville, Tennessee
Lanice Dietz - Tennessee/Virginia/Florida
Kenyon Crouch - West Virginia
Dawna Crouch - Japan
Richard Crouch - Minnesota
David Ploehn - Draper, UT
Jana Anderson - Australia
Whitney Plummer - Alabama
Kimmy Courtright - Brazil
Marylin Kelley - Salt Lake City ;)
Jason and Lindsay Mann - Argentina or Texas (Spanish speaking)
Emily Yates - Japan
Aubrey Robertson - Boise, Idaho
Hance Hardy - New York City
Cyndi Hardy - Hong Kong or California
Trevor Hardy - Minnesota/New Hampshire
Linda Eliason - Minnesota
Christopher Eliason - Bronx
Taylor Jacobson - Brazil
Tom Keele - Texas
Rhonda Keele - Chile
Caroline Keele - Utah
Fernando Duran-Price - Japan
Tyler Kizzar - Sydney, Australia
Chase Amos - West Virginia
Kaiden Shakespeare - Austria
Lisa Sykes - Spain

11 December 2009

"Cord On Blue"

Yesterday on my way out the door to do a pinch of shopping, I asked Rob what he'd like for dinner. He said he didn't know and then he gave his standard answer when he's stumped for dinner ideas, "Cordon bleu."

I really almost never make cordon bleu, but it is mockingly requested frequently by my husband. Many moons ago, back when the boys were babies and the only things we ever had in the house in abundance were formula and diapers, Rob came home from work with the age old question, "What's for dinner."

In our stone broke condition, there was maybe a jar of peanut butter and a block of cheese (thank you WIC) in the house. I didn't have a clue what we were having for dinner! Rob actually asked me to just "whip something up"! I laugh now but back then I was furious. "Well, WHAT exactly should I whip up and from what, thin air?!" I'm sure, remembering the look on his face, that he couldn't understand why it would be hard to just make dinner. I impressed upon him again that there was nothing in the house with which to make a meal. He again suggested that it shouldn't be difficult to whip something up (ladies...he has since learned!) after all, he had just worked a long shift and was tired and hungry. So, calmly, a little too calmly actually as I remember being on the brink of psychosis, I asked him to suggest a recipe I could "whip up".

He said, "Cordon bleu."

I stared at him for a split second and sweetly replied, "Okay," and left the room.

I'm sure he thought I was insane but he'd gotten rid of me and I was dutifully, he thought, preparing his dinner.

Moments later I came back with...his supper. (Reenactment photo.)

Oh yes, an extension CORD ON a piece of BLUE construction paper. Rob burst out laughing and I satisfactorily proved that I could indeed whip up anything, but it may not be edible.

Last night we had a more palatable version of Cordon Bleu, a nice surprise for my dear hubby when he came home from a long shift of overtime. The look of awe on his face last night was as equally rewarding as the look on his face all those years ago, plus the kids got a kick out of hearing the story...again.

Your turn...share a standing joke from your family history.