14 November 2009


Things that make me happy lately: (totally not all inclusive and certainly not in any particular order.)

A double-sized mug of chamomile tea with sugar and heavy cream.
Yum. Invokes feelings of being splendidly spoiled and perfectly relaxed.

A clean house. Okay, at this point in our busy lives with five kids, a single clean ROOM is enough to make me smile.

Good hair days. I mean actual good hair days, not the ones where I think it looks good and then catch a reflection later and discover it's really hideous. And so is my outfit...and skin.

Photo editing. Translation- cropping out the messy house and fixing the bad hair, skin and yes, sometimes cropping out the entire body from the neck down.

Silence. Self-explanatory.

A good book. I wish this was making me smile right now, I haven't read one in a LONG WHILE. (Sooo not like me, I know.)

Projects. Not only projects, but projects that turn out at least as good, if not better than how I've envisioned the final product.

Cute kid cuddles. Also self-explanatory.

My husband. Manly-man and teddy bear all-in-one. He makes me laugh when I shouldn't be able to. Mostly, I don't deserve how wonderful he is to me...especially on the days when he listens to me and get's me when I don't even get myself.

The thought of family visiting for the holidays. My brother and two adorable nephews get to come (hopefully) for both Thanksgiving AND Christmas. Very smile-worthy.

Totally free sheet music I can print from the internet.
Ah, I even found some Clint Mansell stuff.

Squeak-free brakes. The hubby just changed them this week. And we didn't need to replace the rotors. Yes!

My current church calling. I'm loving it.

Gardenia scented Salt City candles. In a word: heavenly.

My new nephew's impending arrival...hopefully TODAY! Rob's brother's wife, Lisa, is currently in labor with John Edward Evans IV. They've nicknamed him "Four". Can't wait to kiss his little baby cheeks!

What makes you smile?

11 November 2009

Honor Them