23 May 2009

Balancing Act

The acquisition of balance seems curiously difficult. How can we discover our potential and play the roles we've been cast in when every scene seems to involve a formidable balancing act?

Balance between being a woman who is tender, delicate, and sweet while also being unbreakable, courageous and strong.

Balance between showing emotion when you hurt and not being emotional.

Balance between the conflicting messages of "Work hard, don't be lazy or idle," and "Take time for yourself and relax once in awhile."

Balance between being clean and organized without turning into a tyrannical overachieving Nazi maniac Mom.

Balance between living in the world and in relation to those who revel in it's ways, but resisting the influences of the world, being good and holy.

Balance between being a good friend and listener without being an enabler.

Balance between letting your kids exercise agency without letting them fall flat on their faces.

Balance between being able to forgive others without giving them license to walk all over you and repeatedly abuse your trust.

Balance between firmly take a stand when your conscience tells you that you must, and being courteous of the opinions that others have.

Balance between taking care of everyone else, and taking care of yourself.

Balance between being a toilet scrubbing, diaper changing, dish washing, laundry folding housewife, and being a hot goddess, put together, (showered) happy wife when that hard working hubby of yours walks through the door at night.

Balance between spoiling yourself or your family once in awhile, (especially when they are deserving) and being moderate and economical.

Balance between being able to enjoy your life as a whole, and sometimes barely just getting through today.

Balance between being "the mom" ─ you know, the disciplinarian, the teacher, the overseer, the manager, and being "the mommy" ─ the story teller, the praiser, the cuddler, the hero.

Balance between being chic, polished and gourmet, and being a good steward who is thrifty and can maximize that dollar store budget.

Balance between slowing down because we're moving so fast that every day speeds by in a blur, and not being stagnant and unproductive.

Balance between being humorous and whimsical without being tactless and irreverent.

Balance between handing our problems and worries over to God, and getting off of our knees and going to work to find solutions and answers.

Balance between being strong enough to lift our heavy burdens and being humble enough to ask the Lord to help us carry them.
Are you finding it hard to maintain balance? In what ways or areas?


Gary and Michelle said...

I needed this list today. Thanks!