12 February 2009

More Hair...

I've posted about hair before and I'll likely do it again. I guess there's just an inner hair stylist in me that is begging to get out. (Not really...)

We're usually running too late to get really creative with hair around here. (Read this post.) And I don't like going too wild anyway, but sometimes the girls want a HAIR-DO and not a quick comb through.

My favorite is to just leave their hair down when it's smooth and put a couple of small braids or twists on both sides of the part. (Like Riley's hair this past Halloween.) To do a cool two-strand twisty braid click on this link over at Girly-Do's. I don't usually put all the hair up into it, I just do a few loose ones like I said earlier.

Now, I REALLY liked Riley's hair in the top right and bottom left pictures below. I parted her hair and did two french braids where I wrapped the hair under instead of over so the braid would look kind of like a headband. Then after both braids were done to the point where I stopped adding more hair, I secured both of the braids with elastics. Then I got a big dull tipped needle and threaded ribbon down to where the hair was secured. THEN I undid one elastic and braided the ribbon in the rest of the way and repeated on the second braid. After that I repeated it on the other side of her head and pulled the braids under the remaining hair down at the base of her head by her neck and secured all four ribboned braids together. Go to Girly Do's again for her awesome tutorial. I just tweaked it a little for Riley.

She loved her hair that day and it stayed out of her face while she did her schoolwork! So cute!