06 September 2008

A Mom's Tale

Last night's football game was the most awesome display of talent, luck, charm, amazement, wonder and talent. (Did I already say talent?) I don't know if it was because the guys all warmed up so well...or if it was because of Ryan being there as a lucky charm. Maybe it was even his lucky checkered shoes or the "V" for Victory and "W" for Winners signs he was throwing from the stands. All I know is...it was a beautiful thing to behold.

The crowd was ROARing.

The cheerleaders were doing flips and stunts and spectacular feats of exploding school spirit such as eyes hath never beheld.

And our boys...well, they played their hearts out! Almost immediately we scored a touchdown. It was an incredible 53 yard display of skill as our running back dodged defensive player after defensive player.

The pace continued as we scored touchdown after touchdown, clearly on the way to decimating our opponent.

And then right at the end of the fourth quarter...it happened...Corey was in on defense with 23 seconds left in the game and they threw an interception...it dropped right in his hands at our 20 yard line and he ran it all the way in for an 80 yard TOUCHDOWN!!! It was like watching Flash Gordon streak by as he practically flew down the field. I was the proudest mom on planet earth!

Everybody was chanting, "COREY! COREY! COREY!" Of course I was screaming louder than anyone! The announcers and coaches were amazed as his speed. All the other team could say was "WHOA!"

It was absolutely incredible!




Outlandish! -Wait...huh?!

Oh, alright. We lost. Again. Dangit. The above tale is entirely fictional...except the part about being a proud mom. They may have lost but Corey is still awesome!


Michele said...

Okay. I should have got it from the title but I didn't. You totally had me going!I was actually really proud of Corey!! We are looking forward to Friday night's game! It will be great whoever wins! ;) And it will be proud mom against prouder mom! HA HA