30 August 2008

The Last First and the First Last

The beginning of this school year was a unique one for us here in the Harris household. It was our last first day of school now that our baby, Gabby, has started kindergarten. And it was our first last first day of school now that Corey is a SENIOR in high school. (Of course he knows he'll go to college, we are just talking about traditional K-12 education here.)

I've never had a child of mine more excited to go to school than Gabby! We even made her a calendar to countdown the days until school started because she wanted to be able to go in the middle of the summer. She kept asking...HOW MANY MORE DAYS?! Needless to say, she was very excited!

She was up by 5:30 in the morning on Monday. And she was ready to go a full two hours before it was even time to leave. Good thing she is in morning kindergarten!

She was sooooo excited to be able to play on the monkey bars AT HER SCHOOL!

She was even delighted to stand in line to go into the classroom. No tears here...she was just itching to get out all of her school supplies and put them to good use.

Throughout the week we did a few little things to celebrate her first week of school. After the second day of school I took her to McDonald's and her favorite park.

We tried to get some photos but she said the sun was just too bright and she couldn't keep her eyes open in the pics. When I encouraged her to open her eyes big...she held them open with her hands. So funny. Okay, so it was like 279° outside...and it was noon.

Since she gets to be included in the "school drop-offs" now she is so cute about all the normal morning routine things.

...Brushing her teeth.

...And eating her breakfast.

THIS is her first schoolwork paper that she brought home. Of course it was immediately and proudly displayed on the refrigerator!

Gabby has always loved storytime but it seems she especially appreciates it now that she has storytime at school also.

It's been a wonderful first week for her, the first of many more firsts as she discovers more and more of the world around her.

Corey on the other hand enjoyed his last first day back to school. I think it is really sinking in that high school is almost over and soon he gets to join the adult work force, the college atmosphere, the world of grown-ups with adventure and challenges and -bills- (dare I say it?). That should have read BILLS in really big type, huh?!

Ah, time passes so swiftly. Seems like a minute ago I was taking my Corey to kindergarten, kissing his cheek and hugging him bravely and then crying myself the whole way home.

Corey's "last first" football game of the season was last night. Of course it was all the way across town and in my hurry to leave early enough, I left my camera at the house. My cellphone doesn't zoom in for photos so this is the best we get.

Hopefully in the tradition of lasts for Corey, this will be his football teams last loss. They were awful last year, and as a loving mom I say that very somberly but it's true...his team just had horrible coaching and horrible senior players that really needed to graduate and stop pulling down the team. THIS football season we have an all new coaching staff and some really talented players on the starting line-up. We were so excited going into this year. But then they were predicted to get blasted (35-14) by the team they played last night because they have a really strange (and effective) offensive line-up. It turned out that the SUNDEVILS really held their own and only lost 15-7. And then it's only because we fumbled the first play after they punted with two minutes left in the first half and they recovered the ball at the twenty yard line and scored. Nobody else scored the rest of the game. We got close in the second half at the their three yard line but couldn't punch it in. :(

We're looking forward to an awesome school year with all the adventure that comes with having five kids in various activities and at various stages in their development and lives.

29 August 2008

This Life Is A Test

I am reminded of a recurring nightmare...

I'm an hour late. I'm running down absurdly large halls to find my class. Somehow this all looks familiar but I am still hopelessly lost and confused. "Find your class schedule," I think to myself. I open my Pee Chee folder, which by the way I just realized I was holding, and my class schedule is torn with all the room numbers missing. Maybe if I could just remember where my locker is I could somehow jog my memory. Where am I? Suddenly it hits me. I'm back at Western High School. My locker is in the 300 hall...does this school even have a 300 hall? I can't remember. I think I've missed the last three months of classes and my parents are mad at me. My teachers probably don't even know who I am. I find my locker and try to open it...GRRRR! I can't remember the combination! 34-2-17? 12-11-29? Ahhh, it's hopeless. I'll never remember. I've missed too much school. My friends are walking by me laughing. Now I'm really confused! Someone tells me my math teacher, Mrs. Molignoni, has heard I was here today and is looking for me. I run to the bathroom to hide. On the way there Ms. Slade wants to know where the homecoming backdrop is that I helped paint. Does she think I took it? It's gotta be 6 feet wide and 9 feet tall, how would you slip that under your jacket and get away with it? I thought it was hanging in the library. Why am I back in high school? Didn't I already graduate? Ya know, YEARS ago!!! Something is terribly wrong here!

I wake up...in my bed...in the home I own...next to my husband of 18 years...with my 5 kids snoring in their beds on the other side of the house and wonder, "WHAT in the heck was that all about?" Almost 20 years later and I am still having dreams of running through the halls of my former high school.

Lately I've been thinking about the quote "This life is a test." Okay, I believe that. I know that. But...could someone give me a clue about the subject matter, so I can study better. I think I'm failing. Miserably. It's like I showed up late to something I didn't know was a class and I'm handed this 5 billion page manual and given 43 seconds to glance at it before I supposed to become a subject expert.

It's feeling a smidgen impossible.

A tad overwhelming.

A pinch unattainable.

I think my test is insoluble.

If it's some kind of placement test...I don't think I'm going to do very well, in fact I think I'm doing so poorly that I won't even be placed at all, I'll be evanescing.


20 August 2008

In Case This Ever Happens To You...

I hope it doesn't, but just in case, I thought I'd post pictures from our super-duper-fun day! This is what appeared in our sink water today. YUMMY!

At first we thought it was something the water district did because they were doing work down the street less than a week ago. None of our neighbors were home so we couldn't go see if they had the same thing happening over at their houses.

We called the water district and they said they'd send someone out, but couldn't give us a time when and said it may even be tomorrow. AGH! After calling multiple people, and sadly having to cancel a Young Women's pool party that was supposed to be at my house this evening, we did a little more internet searching...and stumbled on the right words to google. WATER SOFTENER RESIN. Sure enough...that's what those little beads look like.

We canceled the service call from the water district and proceeded to RIP THE WATER SOFTENER off of the wall. We don't use it because the previous owner said it didn't work. What we didn't know was that it was still plugged in and water was still going into the resin tank as it came into the house. When the resin tank ruptured (a screen or something, I don't really know) the resin spilled into our home water supply.

Of course now we have to wait for a two hour cure time on the PVC glue (thankfully it isn't copper or we would have had to call a plumber since that is outside of Rob's realm of fixing). Once the glue dries we get to flush out all the lines. Joy.

At least I found a HOT "plumber"! (And he works for free.) Hee hee! Rob was really multi-tasking today. He's a police officer, who had to go to jury duty this morning (he goes back late September and THANKFULLY didn't get put on the OJ Simpson trial) and this evening he pulled plumber/home fix-it man duty. He's so awesome!
Here is video from our back yard hose. YUCK.

09 August 2008

Ryan's Birthday

Ryan turned 15 today! He had a busy day of shopping, eating, video gaming, going out with friends, eating out with Mom, opening presents, etc. At exactly 11:36am I surprised him by taking his picture and announcing that he was EXACTLY 15 at that precise time. I thought he was big when he was born weighing in at a whopping 9 pounds 13 ounces and 22 1/2 inches long! Now he's catching up with his older brothers...growing like a weed. He had a great birthday and will have many more, but I hope as Ryan passes these milestones each year that he feels loved, wanted, adored, spoiled, cherished, precious, amazing, and especially -confidant in the knowledge that we LOVE having him in our family!