05 June 2008

I Tag Everyone!

10 Years Ago
We were living in Germany, Rob was deployed to Croatia (again) and I was pregnant with Riley and just about over the constant morning sickness stage. However, we were entering the "no air conditioning and yes it actually did get hot that summer and I was pregnant and dying of heat stroke" stage. Still, I had great neighbors and friends and my cute little boys who always helped me out if I needed it.

5 Things On My "TO DO" List
I'm going to make this a 5 things to do before I die list:
1. Travel more across Europe, and go to South America at least once.
2. Write the book that has been floating around my head for 5 years now.
3. Take up photography and stained glass.
4. Learn German and Spanish fluently.
5. Take cello lessons.

Things I Would Like To Do If I Were Suddenly A Billionaire
1. Pay off my house, then build a larger one...somewhere, probably not in Las Vegas. (Germany!)
2. Spend all day doing crafts and learning and reading and hanging out with my kids while someone else cleans the house.
3. Buy a more fuel efficient vehicle. Perhaps one that runs on hydrogen.
4. Cook more without worrying about how expensive groceries are.
5. Invest.
6. Enroll in all the classes I say I always will and don't/won't. Like German, Spanish, stained glass, photography, writing, psychology, art, graphic design, etc.....
7. Buy things for my family members, of course.
8. The house I built (see #1) would seriously have an awesome landscape complete with a volleyball pit, a walking trail, a bike path, multiple sunken trampoline pits, gorgeous mature trees, a huge swimming pool for Rob since he is a fish, a HUGE basketball court, a zip line and a vegetable garden.
9. I'd probably donate a lot of it to good charitable causes. I'm a softy.
10. Oh, and travel, of course. Even take my kids on a few humanitarian trips so they could see how good we have it.

3 Of My Bad Habits
1. Procrastinating
2. Worrying
3. Eating too much sugar

Places I've lived
Dayton, Ohio
Las Vegas, Nevada
Fort Polk, Louisiana
Stuttgart, Germany
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Wilmington, North Carolina

Jobs I've Had
Frozen-yogurt server
Deli girl
Remington supplier secretary
Room reservationist
Mom (i.e. Taxi Driver, Gourmet Chef, Maid, Laundress, Beautician, Interior Decorator, Painter, Plumber, Teacher, Secretary, Banker, Driver's Ed Instructor, Proof Reader, Party Planner, Counselor, Activities Coordinator, Nurse, Accident/Crime Scene Investigator, Warden, Photographer, Professional Bargain Hunter, Religious Instructor,...etc...)

Some Things Most People Don't Know About Me:
1. While I may still get nervous, I really actually like talking in front of large groups of people.
2. I go into cold sweats when I spend money.
3. I almost always feel sorry for homeless people and if I weren't so afraid, well and frankly a little busy raising my own productive-to-society-one-day kids, I'd volunteer at any and every shelter I could find that was worth my time.
4. My favorite singer is a hip hop artist named tobyMac.
5. I don't believe in ghosts. Or aliens. Or spontaneous combustion in human beings. (Don't ask.)
6. I collect fabric just because it's pretty and not because I have any plans of doing anything with it before it becomes "vintage".
7. I used to want to be a Police Officer. No one would like me like they love my husband though. He's laid back and cool. I'm a rule Nazi.
8. My post High School plan was to join the Navy.
9. I was a maniac on the Autobahn in Germany but Vegas highways scare the crud out of me.

--Okay, now you post this on your blog about you!!!!

03 June 2008

Tagger Recovery Program

Gabby is doing well in her wall art/tagger recovery program. We make sure to have plenty of paper and WASHABLE markers on hand so she won't be so tempted by the alternatives floating around the house. I think she's an awesome little artist. Especially considering she's only five, she did a great job on this drawing of Cosmo and Wanda from the cartoon "Fairly Odd Parents". And she did it from memory. She wasn't even looking at a picture of them at the time. (I always have to look at something to be able to draw it.)

By the way, the picture of Gabby was taken with my new cell phone's camera. WOW! It's really clear for a cell phone.