08 April 2008

The Storm, The Door, The Reason

Most of my readers are family and all of our family knows that we are LDS. In the LDS church there are two times a year that we hold a General Conference where our church leaders teach us and give us counsel, etc. The church is so big and not everyone could possibly attend in person so it is broadcast on television and radio. This past weekend was conference.

Near the end one of our leaders, the president of our church, President Thomas S. Monson repeated something about our homes being a place where the storm stops at the door.

Riley, who was playing and who I thought hadn't been listening looked at me, wide eyed and said, "Mom!!! He stole that from us!!!"

I giggled and said, "No hunny, I stole that from him!"

I heard it quoted over the pulpit about a year and a half ago and could NOT get that saying out of my mind. It has always been a goal of mine to make sure my home is a sanctuary from the rest of this world. That the filth and chaos out there would not have any place in here. That my children would be able to find safety, love and peace here. That they will feel God's spirit here.

"The storm stops at the door" is painted on a battered piece of wood and hangs over my front door. Everyone who walks into my home has to see it on the way in. Jehovah's Witnesses, who frequently knock on doors in my neighborhood, ALWAYS ask what it means and then say, "I thought so. That's cool."

There are those who don't see anything wrong with the world, who don't agree with my philosophy. That's okay. But these are my children and I will do everything I can to raise them in an environment of peace and love, innocence and safety, faith and courage, hope and joy.

So, if you've ever wondered what our blog title was about, it's basically the Harris Family motto.

Here's the full quote from President Monson-
"It is in the home that we form our attitudes, our deeply held beliefs. It is in the home that hope is fostered or destroyed. Our homes are to be more than sanctuaries; they should also be places where God’s Spirit can dwell, where the storm stops at the door, where love reigns and peace dwells."


Michelle said...

Rob I have to say I love that picture of you and your wife at sadie hawkins. My wife and I like the hair.

Marylin and Jimmy said...

It was so great when he said that cause I instantly thought of you and the sign above your door! You are a good lady and I bet your kids feel they do have a safe haven in your home!

Sue said...

That's beautiful Michelle. I missed conference because of the move, but what a great thought.